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The Whispers of Merlins Mountain


We invite you to embark on a three-night initiation, sparking you to become the magicians that you truly are, going beyond the mundanity to live life as a mythic journey.

You will be invited to “look again” to see the Celtic wonderland with new eyes, opening an inner portal to its richness, magic, and aliveness.

On our journey we will rediscover the ruins and lost realms of our ancestors, meeting allies and teachers along the way – sometimes in unexpected guises – to assist us in our quest.

Our journey will culminate in ascending Merlin’s Mountain. And who knows, if we are lucky, we may hear his whispers. 

With Benjamin Butler, Lucas Davey and Milly Jackdaw.

Trigonos Retreat Centre

11th - 14th January 2024

Plas Baladeulyn, LL54 6BW

Phone: +44 (0) 1286 882388

Sweet its Branches/ Melys ei changhennau

Sweet its BRanches promo 2.jpg

Imbibe the wisdom of apple tree tales from Wales, Ireland and Kazakhstan. We find apples as magical allies, sanctuary, fruitful reward and source of temptation as we wander the paradise groves together and discover their stories, encountering curious girls, wild wizards, gods, and Russian plant hunters along the way.

Cletwr Cafe,
Treddol, SY20 8PN
29th September 2023

Childrens storytelling. 6pm
Full show 8pm

Gwyl Cynhaeaf  
Harvest Festival 2023
Y Plas, Machynlleth,SY20 8ER

21st October 2023. 1.30pm


mochin myrddin painting.jpg

Beyond the Border
Storytelling Festival

Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire.

7th - 9th July 2023

Mochyn Myrddin /
Merlins Pig

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded funding from Arts Council Wales to research and develop a full length storytelling performance for presentation later this year.

Myrddin,Mochyn is a storytelling performance based on the life of Myrddin and his encounters with magical animals, the symbolism of such; in particular the pig/wild boar/sow, and featuring the myths and folktales that elucidate the deeper meanings. The research and development phase of this project will explore the living myth and how it relates to the present day and in particular the relevance to our current ecological situation.

For more details of this project and how you can get involved you can read all about it in the blog section of this website.

Pig Blog No 1

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The Round Studio

Thursday 13th July 2023

Lottery funding strip landscape colour.jpg

Thereby Hangs a Tale

THAT promo 1.jpg

Finding the Folktale Roots of Bardic Inspiration with Milly Jackdaw & Halo Quin.


Over the eons Shakespeare’s tales have retained their relevance, capitalising on our fascination with watching our own stories amplified that we may better understand ourselves. Could it be that Shakespeare found inspiration from some of the earliest explorations of key themes in already existing stories? Could myths and folktales have played their part? Storytellers Milly Jackdaw and Halo Quin have been uncovering tales, including some from Welsh myth, that hold tantalising hints that this may indeed be the case.

In the tradition of the great bards of old, we call Shakespeare into conversation with the folktales that shine through his work, baring the bones of stories that take us to the heart of inspiration. We unpick colourful threads from plays and tales, reweaving them in the place where traditional storytelling meets theatre.


If folktales be the food of the Bard, tell on.

The Willow Globe

Penlanole, Llandrindod Wells

September 17th 2023. 3pm.

Campfire storytelling at Top of the Woods

Join me for an evening of fireside storytelling and song. Discover the secrets of the land in these tales of fire and dragons, of Kings and strange things, of animals and otherworlds, of foolery and magic. Be entertained, amused and perhaps even enthralled by this timeless art. For young and old and all in-between. Bring your rugs and your cordials, your camaraderie and most importantly your imaginations.  

Top of the Woods Campsite.

Penrallt Farm,

Boncath, Pembrokeshire.

July 29th 2023

August 26th 2023


A wild dance through Welsh tales of ways through water to the wondrous world beyond the world, the deep place.

Magic and medicine thrive and the potent forces of ancient wisdom emerge bringing strange and marvellous gifts.

Welsh folktales and mythology for ages 10 and over.

Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th June

Tales of the Otherworld. 
Fire in the Mountain Festival

Earth Day event including a performance of
The Lorax by Dr Seuss


The Hanging Gardens

Bethel Street, 


Powys. SY18 6BS.

Earth Day.

22nd April 2023

Family friendly. Free admission.


The Star Child by Oscar Wilde

The Hanging Gardens, Llanidloes
5th December 2022
The Lost Arc, Rhayader
7th January 2023

Two woodcutters are lost on a cold winter’s night, reason to be fearful indeed. But it doesn’t do to be always looking down, even in a crisis and when the woodcutters turn their gaze skywards, they see something miraculous; a star shooting to Earth. A gift? Gold?  Or is it something far more precious than that?

Discover for yourself and join the adventure of The Star Child as he navigates through pride and selfishness and embarks on a journey back to the heart. 

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