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Storyteller Writer and Facilitator

Since being called by story in 2003 Milly has told stories and run workshops with adults and children in fields and woods, festivals and theatres, on the banks of wild lakes and in some of the places most connected to the stories themselves. She has developed a deep love and respect for ancient mythology, and this forms the core of her storytelling though she revels in fairy and folktales, weaving in music and poetry, elements of Welsh language and presenting all with a unique theatrical flair. What excites Milly most is being in the moment with a group of people, all with a single focus, all keen to know what comes next. Our attention to the story gives it life, and its secrets are more easily revealed.

Milly is inspired by the belief that storytelling, like other traditional crafts, is a tool for radical empowerment. Learning and telling stories, as well as finding ways to share our own stories, creates connection and healing, strengthens community and awakens hope and possibility.

Milly is being funded by Arts Council Wales in 2023.

See Blog for more details on Mochyn Myrddin / Merlins Pig.

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