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The Brilliant, Resilient, Safely Distanced Damsels


 The Star Child

By Oscar Wilde

Agueddfa Ceredigion Museum

Oct 5th, 2.30pm. £4

As part of the 'Because it's There'exhibition

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Campfire storytelling at Top of the Woods

Join me for an evening of fireside storytelling and song. Discover the secrets of the land in these tales of fire and dragons, of Kings and strange things, of animals and otherworlds, of foolery and magic. Be entertained, amused and perhaps even enthralled by this timeless art. For young and old and all in-between. Bring your rugs and your cordials, your camaraderie and most importantly your imaginations.   

23rd, 29th July
2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th,
16th, 19th


Top of the Woods Campsite. Penrallt Farm,

Boncath, Pembrokeshire.!milly-jackdaw-campfire-stories/c4qvn

Campfire storytelling at Tir Bach.

29th May
22nd July
4th, 11th, 18th,
25th August


Tir Bach Farm,

Yurt and Camping



SA66 7XT

Thanks to The Arts Council Wales National Lottery finding, I am back in action in a new collaboration with Kitty O’Blitherin and Donna Males.  So fear not, all is well. The Damsels are here to save the world and are on our way to Aberystwyth with our cart full of highly specialised world saving equipment created by designer/maker Popol Fazerlerkey. Outfits, handmade by upcycling designer Carys Hedd (Wenchwear). T be featured on Blue Hare podcast, produced by author and fellow storyteller Hayley Addis. Dates and further details to be announced but we anticipate that we will be landing in Aberystwyth around August bank Holiday.

The Damsels also enjoy visiting care homes and sheltered accommodation to lighten the mood even if it is from outside windows and we are open to invitations, do get in touch.